Plans, policies and positions


The HUMANITARY CARE Executive Board has approved a Strategic Plan and a set of accompanying documents to guide HUMANITARY CARE’s work over the five year period.   The 2015-2019 Strategic Plan – “The rights of every child, especially the most disadvantaged ones” – was developed following a review of results and lessons from HUMANITARY CARE’s previous plan, a series of situation assessments, and a thorough consultative process with communities, countries, HUMANITARY CARE staff and the Member States of the Executive Board.

Development process

The twice extended HUMANITARY CARE medium-term strategic plan (2006-2014) will conclude this year.  The next plan for the period 2015-2019 synchronised with other humanitarian organizations strategic planning cycles will be discussed in draft form during the annual session of the HUMANITARY CARE Executive Board and adopted at the Second Regular Session in September, 2014.

In-depth thematic reviews on each of the focus areas and humanitarian action:

  1. Young child survival and development
  2. Basic Education and Gender Equality
  3. HIV AIDS and Children
  4. Child Protection from violence, exploitation and abuse
  5. Policy advocacy and Partnerships for Children’s rights
  6. Humanitarian action
  7. Survey of HUMANITARY CARE country offices

Peer Review Group on Results Based Management in next MTSP

HUMANITARY CARE has established a peer review group of experts on Results Based Management drawn from Member states and UN agencies to a) identify ways to strengthen linkages of the strategic plan results frameworks with country programmes of cooperation and global and regional priorities; b) establishing targets and benchmarks; c) exchange ideas and experiences on good practices; and d) agree on principles of applying RBM in the next plan.

The peer review group met in April, 2014 and followed up its consultations virtually through half day consultations in August, 2014.

The main directions of the works are:

Informal consultations with Member States have also led HUMANITARY CARE to develop an internal working paper that elaborates the Theory of Change underpinning the draft Strategic Plan. This document was made available as a first draft in June 2014. The current version has been prepared based on comments and feedback provided internally and by member states. In addition, HUMANITARY CARE has prepared a document summarizing the alignment of the draft Strategic Plan with the other humanitarian organizations.

Donate For Children

Humaity.Care – Global Partnership on Children with Disabilities.

Donate For Education

Basic education and gender equality – Child-friendly schooling approach.

Donate For Family

Family Planning Is a Key Pillar of Our Work. It is a proven effective strategy in reducing maternal mortality..