Women & Children in Emergencies


After earthquakes, floods or conflict, they aren’t just left without food and shelter. They do not have also special medical care or defense against dangers like human trafficking.

When hospitals and clinics are wiped out by storms, pregnant women are facing dangerous deliveries. In unprotected refugee settlements, teenaged girls walking in the evening are increased at risk for harassment or rape. After a crisis destroys a family’s livelihood, domestic violence is increasing dramatically. Catastrophes may make it impossible for children to go to school.

Working with communities hit by natural disasters and war, HUMANITY CARE helps keep women and girls safe and healthy. HUMANITY CARE puts a special focus on girls and women when distributing food and emergency supplies. We make sure girls go to school, raise awareness about violence against women, provide maternal health services and teach mothers skills they need to rebuild their family’s lives. As communities start to recover, HUMANITY CARE ensures that women and girls can fulfill their potential.


Donate For Children

Humaity.Care – Global Partnership on Children with Disabilities.

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Basic education and gender equality – Child-friendly schooling approach.

Donate For Family

Family Planning Is a Key Pillar of Our Work. It is a proven effective strategy in reducing maternal mortality..